Multihead Weighers for weighing (filling machines)

Dedicated to packing machines for weighing all kinds of food and non-food products with high speed and accuracy.
Multi-head filling scales, made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Touch-Screen.
  • Mixing up to 4 product in one Multihead Weigher.
  • Full integral control.
  • Top cone load cell for feeding control.
  • Bucket capacity control, display real bucket level.
  • Single vibrator control to ease combinations.
  • Bucket and combination over-weight control.
  • Product alarm, standby when lack of product.
  • Empty bucket alarm, detects bucket failure.
  • Auto-zero alarm, detects stucked product.
  • Combination alarm, avoid bad combinations.
  • Staggered dump, to avoid balls in the tube.
  • Fast draining, open all bucket at same time.
  • Up to 5 kg. per bucket, 0.1 grams of precision.
  • Manifold dumps with auto-compensation.
  • weight stability control, assures correct weighing.
  • Full step-motor control, reverse, double clamp.
  • Step-motor sensor failure detection.

Weighers (linear four head)

speed 30 – 40 / min

Weighers (14 head)

speed 60 – 120 / min

Weighers (linear four head)

speed 30 – 40 / min


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